What We Do

We undertake to treat you as an individual, and not recommend anything that we wouldn’t be comfortable with for our own family.

Your Dental Exam:

This is where it starts for most people. You will receive a comprehensive dental exam that will cover your medical history, present oral health, past dental work and possible work that you may wish to undertake. We will set priorities for your consideration. Things that HAVE to be done or there will be big problems, things that can be done later, and things that you may choose to improve your situation.

From here we can prepare estimates of cost, time, dental plan involvement etc. You then make the decision on how and when to proceed with any work.

Dental cleaning:

Normally undertaken by our hygiene staff. They will involve you with what they see and diagnose with your dentist. Helping you understand the implications of plaque and calculus  (tarter) and how to combat these very destructive natural forces is a great part of their job.
"It’'s no good having great teeth if your gums fall out!"

The relationship between you and your hygienist can be a long and fruitful one, as prevention of disease is a major part of what we would like for you.

Restorative work:

This is what we call fillings, crowns etc.  We use white fillings almost exclusively. However, we do not recommend replacing silver fillings if they are performing well.

Crowns can be made of many materials. They all have advantages and disadvantages. Your dentist will describe what may suit you best, and you choose from the options available. The latest crowns are all ceramic and look wonderful. However the old fashioned gold is still the choice in certain situations.

Root Canal (Endodontic) work:

Many diseased teeth can be saved and restored after this procedure. Despite what you hear from comedians on TV, this is a pretty painless procedure. For complex teeth it can take a long appointment, so chose your best TV viewing time!

Our operating microscope is a huge advantage we have over most offices.
If you can’t see it how can you fix it?     
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Where teeth can’t be saved, or one was lost in the past, we may offer an implant to replace it. This is the standard of care now for tooth replacement. It is an established, but still fast developing field. It may be necessary for a specialist to place the implant if it is a difficult site. You have ready access in Prince George to this service.
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The moving of teeth with fixed or removable appliances is amazing these days. Children and developing adults are regularly monitored as to their situation. We will inform you of what we see, and it’s implications for the future.  Some situations can be treated in our office, some need a specialist Orthodontist and even and Oral Surgeon to resolve. We will refer you to the best people, and follow as any treatment progresses.


Many offices these days are not experienced or comfortable in supplying dentures, both partial and full.  We do it all for you, with 40 + years of experience in this area. A denturist may be cheaper, but a dentist will be able to treat you better.
Many times a denture is a more economical in the short or medium term than alternative treatment such a bridges or implants.

Extraction of teeth:

When this is necessary we can deal with all but the most complicated cases. These we will refer to the best clinician available, Dr Ozcan, the oral surgeon in Prince George.

Oral Sedation:

If you are very nervous about dentistry, or have a problem like gagging, you may be suitable for medication that can relieve most of the problem. Ask us about oral sedation. We may suggest it to you to make your experience better, or enable a better work situation.