Welcome to the Vanderhoof Dental Health Centre!

Serving the Central Interior for Forty Years!

The Vanderhoof Dental Centre has been serving the Central Interior with dental excellence since 1972. We are a team of dental professionals that can deliver services to a very high standard. 

You as the patient will be informed of what is available, how much it costs, and what the implications are for the future. You make the decisions as to what you want for your dentistry.  We are delighted to have served many families over multiple generations as this means your needs are being met.

If you haven’t seen a dentist for a while there is no time like the present for getting caught up. 

We welcome new clients, always, and can help you reestablish your dental health. Recent research has established strong links between dental disease and serious systemic conditions. Gum disease and cavities are not just a mouth problem.

Dr Chan and Dr Erin Harvey have a strong program of continuing education.  It is vital to keep up with innovation in the field of dentistry, and we attend courses wherever and whenever the best information can be had. 

This will ensure that we can deliver to you the most effective and up to date treatment.

From the first phone call through your treatment and entering the recall system, our staff will give you personal service and information. We don’t want you to feel like a treatment plan, but a  valued client. One of our guiding principles is, “would we feel comfortable with our recommendation for our own family

We look forward to being of service to you.