General Anesthetic Dentistry

The object of this program is to treat mainly small children that have extensive decay and dental infections, or those with behavioural or developmental conditions that can’t receive treatment in a normal office setting.

All work is done at the St. John Hospital in Vanderhoof where we have many years of experience in this type of work. 

We have a much smaller wait time than any other office for this work.

All fillings are tooth coloured, not amalgam, to comply with the World Health Organisation recommendation not to use amalgam fillings for children under twelve years old. Very broken down teeth may need extraction, root treatment, or stainless steel crowns. 

We try to fix all the problems in one go, and look ahead to place fillings where they could be decay in the next few years. This can enable your child to attend a normal dental office setting for some time without the need to freeze teeth or do anything difficult.

An important part of this program is to ensure that the children are not left with bad memories of either the dental or medical treatment that could affect their future. The surgery is day surgery. That means normally there is no overnight stay. Parents/caregivers are encouraged to be there when the child falls asleep, and when they wake up. No IVs are started before the child is asleep.

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Janet Neufeld assisting Dr Paul Collard in OR while working on a patient. 

Referral from your regular dentist is the normal way we get to book your child.
However, you can call us directly and we will schedule a consultation for you.
If you are a dentist, please call for referral pads.

We will also schedule a consultation after the referral to evaluate your needs, inform you of what treatment is indicated, and provide you with an estimate. It will be necessary for the patient to go to the medical doctor that is providing the general anesthetic the day before treatment.

This is required to ensure no problems on the day. If you need to stay overnight we can recommend the North Country Inn. It is located right next to our office, has a restaurant and new rooms.