Q: Do you take new patients?

A: Yes, we will always take new patients. Depending on how booked the office or individual doctors schedule is will determine when you can be scheduled.

Q: Do you take emergencies?

A: Yes, particularly if you are in pain or have suffered an accidental injury. We will endeavor to relieve your pain, stabilize the problem, and then schedule you for follow up when a regular appointment is available.

Q: Do you take my dental plan.

A: Most plans are accepted. Please let us know what you insurance situation is, and we can give you a better idea of what your coverage includes. However, please remember it is a contract between you and your employer. We may have difficulty due to privacy considerations in finding details.
Before any major work is undertaken we can submit the costs to your plan so that your portion will be defined. If the insurer does not cover anything, the financial responsibility is yours. Most plans pay a fixed amount for a procedure. If there is a variation from our fees, again the responsibility is yours.

Q: Do you use mercury fillings?

A: All our fillings are done in a tooth coloured material that contains no metals.
Silver amalgam fillings are very occasionally done for an unusual situation.

Q: How much does a filling/cleaning/denture etc. cost?

A: There is no way to answer this until we have determined your individual need. After a consultation we will always prepare a written estimate for you. If this changes during the treatment you will be informed right away. 

Q: I am very nervous about dentistry. Can you put me to sleep?

A: Although we have the capacity to do this, safety and cost dictate that it is an option only when there is no alternative for treatment. Oral sedation, taking a medication to relieve anxiety and produce relaxation and sleepiness, is much better. We can find the right level of medication that suits you.