Dental Lab

Lab work:

One of the most important aspects of dentistry that you will probably never see as a patient is the work that takes place in the
dental laboratory.

We have our own lab in the basement, from which you may hear some noise! Here the staff can make mouthguards, tooth whitening trays, splints and cast models from your impressions that are to be sent out to specialised laboratories.


These are made to our prescription mostly in Prince George, with some part of the metal work being sent to another lab for casting and polishing.

All the plastic and metalwork is made individually by hand.
Only the actual teeth are factory made, often in Lichtenstein.


If a removable appliance is recommended for correcting something in the mouth we will take impressions, write a prescription, and send it to our specialised lab in Vancouver.

They have worked for us for more than twenty years, and do a great job.

We will fit the appliance, adjust it through the treatment and supervise the movement required.

Crown and Bridge:
Bernd Schoenhardt

We are very fortunate to have our own dedicated lab in Vanderhoof  to supply this vital service. Bernd Schoenhardt was trained in Germany, worked for many years for a specialist in Edmonton, and now supplies nearly all our crowns and bridges.

This is all hand made work, and a good understanding between the dentist and technician is vital to success for you.

We are now extending into placing and restoring implants, and this is an area where Bernd has many years of experience from his work in Edmonton. We are now using in selected cases the best all ceramic crowns ever.

These are trade named E Max, and look phenomenal. Moreover they are as durable as the older crowns.